Comic Books + Music + Movies = Soundtrack.

The track list for the Avengers Soundtrack  was released  last month and they are taking my excitement level up a notch. The bands involved definitely confirm that this will be one of the most action-packed movies in this genre.

Here is the track list:

1.            “Live to Rise” – Soundgarden

2.            “I’m Alive”- Shinedown

3.            “Dirt and Roses”- Rise Against

4.            “Even if I Could”-  Papa Roach

5.            “Unbroken”- Black Veil Brides

6.            “Breath”- Scott Weiland

7.            “Comeback”- Redlight King

8.            “Into the Blue”- Bush

9.            “New Way to Bleed”- Evanescence

10.          “Count Me Out”- PUSHERJONES

11.          “Shoot to Thrill”- Theory of a Deadman

12.          “Wherever I Go”-  Buckcherry

13.          “From Out of Nowhere”- Five Finger Death Punch

14.          “Shake the Ground”- Cherri Bomb

15.          “Pistols at Dawn”- Kasabian

Avengers is a long awaited movie. There have been excited whispers for years now and the story appeals to multiple generations. I’ll have one of the comic book experts actually go into detail, but I think the comics have been around since the sixties which creates quite a large fan base.  However this soundtrack mainly caters to the fans from 1990 – present. The bands range from Alternative rock legends Soundgarden to new comers Black Veil Brides.

I have previewed a lot of these tracks and man my neck is sore. Heavy power chords definitely dominate.

Previous Superhero movies have made us all expect heavy metal and rock tracks to be the majority, but usually a few alternative songs get thrown in for those nice visceral moments. This soundtrack has opted for soundtrack favorites Evanescence.  Cherri Bomb an all teen girl rock band  has an awesome track, presumably for those Black Widow fans out there. This band is one of those you might wanna watch for. They have opened for Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins and most of the members are  only fifteen years old! Damn, doesn’t that make you feel a little unaccomplished right about now?

Moving on….

As If you needed more reason to be keyed up for this album, Soundgarden is back with its first original song in fifteen years! So exciting for Chris Cornell fans. It will be featured as the credits roll so if you are watching Avengers with die-hard fans you will have the chance to listen to it in its entirety while waiting with bated breath to find out if there is a secret sneak peek clip after the credits.

Enjoy! The soundtrack hits stores May 1st along with the score.

I’m leaving you with a track from the album:

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