Return of the Toonami

Toonami is back, bitches!

Honestly, that is all I really have to say. Next Saturday on May 26 Cartoon Network will bring back one of the most beloved blocks of programming, Toonami. Apparently it will be a part of the Adult Swim programming block which I do not know if it will be a good thing or bad thing.

Nothing else has been announced, so we do not know what the programming will be. But it should be filled with anime, which may include already airing episodes of Bleach, Ghost in the Shell and others.

What we do know from the promotional teaser is that TOM will be brought back to a form which we are familiar with and not the 4.0 version that was introduced in the downfall of Toonami.

For those that do not know, Toonami was a programming block that began airing on the Cartoon Network back in 1997. They featured basically unknown animated shows, mostly anime which included Dragon Ball Z. A lot of Japanese shows were first introduced to the U.S. by way of Toonami. If it were not for Toonami, a lot of people may not be into anime today. The block was hosted by a CGI robot known as TOM. Sometimes he was given a story, and at other times, he was just an animation of someone pushing a button. Either way, Toonami was the birthing place for a lot of Japanese animation in the U.S. as well as a few original favorites like Samurai Jack.

I hope they continue bringing in new anime and more original shows. My only concern is how well Toonami will do in a world where most fans now torrent the latest anime episodes a day after its initial Japanese airing instead of waiting the months for a dubbed version to come to the U.S. Still, I am glad that something that helped shaped my nerdiness can now be shared with younger audiences.


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