Falling for Shows

A lot of great TV seems to coming down the pipeline for this Fall. There are two shows that with their trailers I have become very excited about. It is really amazing how great work can be done for network TV, meaning it is all for free!

Elementary coming to CBS stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as current day Holmes and Watson. Instead of being from London as in the original story or even the BBC version Sherlock, this version is from New York City. But from the trailer, the show seems to keep the charm and abrasiveness that we have all come to love from the great detective. It is funny though that they cast someone with an English accent even though they place it in New York. The sex change for Watson seems a little forced, but I have liked some of Lucy Liu’s work so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. This will be one show that I have on my DVR from the very first episode.

The Following from FOX starts Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent after James Purefoy who plays a serial killer. FBI agent after a serial killer, sounds familiar? Well, this will be FOX’s answer to NBC’s Hannibal series that is coming out as well. While I may enjoy the Hannibal TV show, this show has promise. Kevin Bacon looks in great form and Purefoy looks to be a force all his own in the role. Add to that the fact that it will not be just Purefoy every week as the villain, he will have an army of followers that Bacon must stop. My only concern truly is how FOX seems to mismanage its TV series that do not revolve around a megalomaniacal doctor.

Those are two great shows that I am looking forward to this fall. I can not wait to see what else is slated and hope that these shows really do interest me when I watch.

To close out for a bit of fun, in tomorrow’s season finale for Community there seems to be a little fun being had. According to the AV Club the episode will have the cast being depicted as video game characters. Not just any version, but retro versions of themselves. Should be a nice send off for the season.

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