New Music – April 2013 Edition.

Music BirdApril is here and that means a new round of albums! I have these listed by date of release for your browsing and shopping ease. Spring is all about renewal and the bands this month are all embracing that sentiment.

Paramore has shed some layers and is back with a more mature sound. Fall Out Boy is back with a renewed vigor and some high notes. Kid Cudi is trying to find his own Chronic sound.

I have included some titles of their past hits for those of you unfamiliar with these bands. Spring into the season with some new musical discoveries.

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Paramore – Paramore

I was extremely impressed with Brand New Eyes when it came out. Hayley Williams feels like she growing as an artist and while she may not be following in Gwen’s footsteps as much as people would like, I am keeping my eye on her. Their last album was in 2009 which leads me to hope that their self-titled album will be well thought out and perfected. If you want to track the band’s growth compare That’s What You Get to The Only Exception.  I am sure you will be curious to see what these Tennessee rockers have cooked up this time.


Save Rock and Roll – Fall Out Boy

This is a band that either you love em or you hate em in my experience. I am on the more positive side of those sentiments. Pete Wentz, IMHO, is a great lyricist, and the energy that Fall Out Boy has is well translated on their albums. I have only heard their single, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up). It always cracks me up when I read the back of a Fall Out Boy record because it is more like a paragraph than a track list. F.O.B. lead singer, Patrick Stump, is showing off his falsetto in an eighties-hair-band worthy performance; I look forward to hearing this album from start to finish.


Bankrupt! – Phoenix

I was totally late to the Phoenix party. I heard about these guys in 2009 when they released their last album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The boyfriend and I went to watch them open for MCR and despite the distracted arena, these French natives managed to grab our attention. I was absolutely obsessed with Lisztomania, Girlfriend and 1901 while they were dominating the airwaves. I took a quick listen to the newest single Entertainment, and though it is a bit mellow I can get behind this.

Indicud – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has been on a journey to find his sound playing the line between hip hop and rock to find a home. This album will be worth a listen to see if he has found that sweet spot and if it produces sweet, sweet jams. When asked what to expect, Kid Cudi explained, “My new album is entitled Indicud, it will be my version of The Chronic 2001, some songs I’ll produce, others I’ll feat &/or play songwriter”

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