DVR Weekly: 5-28-12

Life can get pretty busy, so the invention of the Digital Video Recorder, aka DVR, has been a godsend for those of us who love television programming. Well, I’m one of those people. In this weekly article, I’m going to talk about some of the shows I am keeping up with on my DVR. Pretty straight forward, right? Keep in mind this means spoilers. Well let’s get started.

Young Justice – Ep. 2.05 “Beneath”

This episode gives us a good look at more of the newer characters. Blue Beetle gets another chance to shine. While I don’t like the over-use of Spanglish in Latino characters, I didn’t mind it so much in this episode. Maybe it was actually toned down from previous episodes and compared to the relaunched series. Jaime’s side story gave us a great sense of his home of El Paso. The other story f the episode showed the new girls in action. Miss Martian takes the lead of “Alpha Team” consisting of Bumblebee, Wonder Girl, and Batgirl. It’s interesting to see Wonder Girl being so gung ho. I’d almost forgotten that was how she originally was in the comics. She’d become so jaded before the relaunch and her current iteration leaves a lot to be desired. Batgirl feels like the average Bat-character. She excels at stealth and hand-to-hand, and she’s underestimated by her peers for her lack of abilities. I’m curious how Bumblebee went from cheerleader at Superboy and Miss Martian’s school to getting powers and being a member of the team. A lot happened in five years. There was some hint that the Light’s partners were the Reach, which is involved in Blue Beetle’s origin. Could we be getting a version of the Red Scarab through Ty, Jaime’s abducted friend.

Green Lantern – Ep. 1.13 “Homecoming”

An anti-climactic ending to an otherwise well structured season. The prospect of future events excited me more than the events of the episode. Queen Ag’apo warns of an imbalance that may occur due to the teleportation. This could have only been the memory loss suffered by Hal, but I got the sense of a tease for Parallax. The re-introduction of Saint Walker as the Blue Lantern gives me hope (no pun intended) for a progression of a war of light and a blackest night. I’m also interested to see what happens to Appa Ali Apsa in the Lost Sector considering his moniker, the Mad Guardian. Provided the show gets a second season (I think it should), I look forward to meeting Sinestro (who would still be a Green Lantern), Krona, and Larfleeze.

Game of Thrones – Ep. 2.09 “Blackwater”

We’re going to take some time to restructure Battle Royale during the summer lull, but I don’t want you guys to miss out on anymore of Game of Thrones reactions. It’s easy to say that this episode was highly anticipated. The producers promised that we’d get a larger scale battle this year compared to the cheats from last season. I was anticipating this battle intently. Perhaps it was the anticipation that left me wanting more. There were great moments in this episode: Tyrion’s rally cry and Sansa’s surprising leadership among the women. Unfortunately, the negatives outweigh the positives. The wildfire was sorely misused. It was used as a bomb rather than simply an uncontrollable fire. The Hound’s retreat relied on his fear of fire (which was only slightly shown) and the wildfire’s chaos, which seemed limited to sea. The violence and gore seemed a little over the top also. It looked a little silly and unbelievable at times including Tyrion’s wound. I am looking forward to the finale, but now I am definitely wary of the changes made in the show.

I’ll see you all next week… same DVR channel… same DVR time (hopefully on time)…

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