DVR Weekly: 6-18-12

Life can get pretty busy, so the invention of the Digital Video Recorder, aka DVR, has been a godsend for those of us who love television programming. Well, I’m one of those people. In this weekly article, I’m going to talk about some of the shows I am keeping up with on my DVR. Pretty straight forward, right? Keep in mind this means spoilers. Well let’s get started.

The Legend of Korra – Ep. 11 “Turning the Tides”

And I guess I was mistaken. This was not the hour-long finale. That would be next week. It is the episode I’ve been waiting for since the start of this series. Amon has started his full-scale assault on Republic City, and he’s doing a fine job of it. The council members and the metal-bending police forces have all been captured. Tenzin’s stand against the mechs is intense, but the arrival of Korra and Team Avatar is his true saving grace. Luckily, the cavalry, in the form of the United Forces, is called in and it’s on its way. Meanwhile, Lin is protecting Tenzin’s family. Tenzin’s wife, Pema, goes into labor as the Equalists attack the island. Lin puts up a valiant fight, but Tenzin’s kids truly come to the rescue in classic Airbender fashion. Following the battle and birth of Tenzin’s fourth child Rohan, the group separates. Korra and Team Avatar go into hiding, while Tenzin, his family, and Lin attempt to escape Republic City to reach the United Forces. Being chased by Equalist zeppelins, Lin decides to sacrifice herself to save Tenzin’s family. Overall, the stakes I’ve been waiting for all season are here, and the scale of the show is definitely going to expand. I’m still waiting to see some more of the world outside of Republic City.

So the summer is limiting my shows for DVR Weekly. I’ll try to get some specials in and some marathon viewing in to fill. I am looking forward to The Newsroom premiering soon, but I would love to hear suggestions from readers on shows I should watch. Just leave a comment below with the show and channel. If I choose it, I will make sure to credit you.

I’ll see you all next week… same DVR channel… same DVR time…

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