Zombie Playground: Z World Detroit

My brother, Ricky, has often talked about not being satisfied with the choices out there for zombie survival reenactment (Run For Your Lives, The Walking Dead Escape). He had a whole bunch of ideas, but it looks like someone beat him to the punch. At least as far trying to fund the idea.

Welcome to Z World Detroit. It will be 200 acres of abandoned buildings in Detroit. This land will be turned into a zombie amusement part where you and some friends try to survive an overnight adventure where you hide and scavenge. Sounds like an excellent time, but I wonder how they will actually get this off the ground. They are currently trying to crowd source the funding, but the logistics must be a nightmare. I can not imagine how much the insurance for this place is going to be or who would really want to work a daily job of being a zombie. Either way, if they actually get this off the ground then I may find a reason that I need to visit Detroit.

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