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“Survive” Loot Crate Unboxing

October’s Loot Crate dropped to supply the survivors with nerdy goodies.

Bite your way past the jump to watch this month’s unboxing.

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In the Flesh Trailer

Zombies are in, right? Of course they are. Well, it looks like the BBC is set to release their own zombie series.

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Zombies only want you for your brains…

 Hello Zombie Fans,

I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus – by S.G. Browne

What we have here is a wonderful holiday themed example of what a zombie novel can be. This book is funny, insightful, and down-right entertaining. It is the sequel to S.G. Browne’s amazing zombie love story: Breathers.

If you haven’t read Breathers you may want to pick it up. It has everything you would ever need for a proper love story. It has heart, brains, and a few more squishy bits. (Get it? Zombie humor…) Breathers takes place in a world where some of the dead just come back. It answers all the practical questions: Can Zombies speak? What about decomposition? Where can you buy embalming fluid in bulk? What are my rights as an Undead American? You get all of this plus an awesome story of raging against the machine and finding love in a unlikely circumstance.

S.G. Browne has a way of writing where something as ridiculous as an undead support group is actually kind of plausible. You find yourself saying “aww” at certain moments and laughing the next. This author is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


Okay, as you may have noticed by now I am a fan of books that become movies. Actually it seems like recently just about everything on the big screen falls into that category. I found this book after watching the trailer for Warm Bodies. I vaguely remembered the plot from my search for a zombie story that was less gore more heart.

If you have seen the trailer you know that this story tries to make light of the Protagonist,  R‘s, situation; you know… being the walking undead. Here is what you need to know about the plot.

This is a story of star-crossed lovers. She is a teenage girl and he is a zombie who has eaten her boyfriend’s brain. When a zombie eats a human brain, it absorbs all of its prey’s memories and in the case of “R” he absorbs the feelings this boy has for Julie.  R & Julie…. ring and shakespearian bells? R’s ability to love Julie causes a change and its contagious, proving that love truly conquers all.

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Undead Trailers

You should know by now that we at Call Yourself A Nerd are pretty big zombies fans, especially when it comes to our love of The Walking Dead.

Next year, we get lucky with two promising movies. The first one is Warm Bodies and it is about a zombie falling in love with a normal human girl. Before you make Twilight comparisons, this movie actually looks funny on purpose. Then we have World War Z with Brad Pitt which look to be intense with fast zombies. Both titles are based on books, I have read World War Z and it is quite an interesting collection of stories.

Head past the jump to watch both trailers.

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Nuketown Counter is Rising…

Nuketown meets Zombies


@CallofDuty posted the above image on Twitter yesterday. We know already that Nuketown 2025 is being included as a pre-order bonus. The added tag of zombies is appropriate as we are all highly anticipating the next iteration of the zombie mode. There are rumors that there be a new addition to the zombie mode that allow a player to become a zombie. Could the counter reading one be a hint to that?

Zombie Playground: Z World Detroit

My brother, Ricky, has often talked about not being satisfied with the choices out there for zombie survival reenactment (Run For Your Lives, The Walking Dead Escape). He had a whole bunch of ideas, but it looks like someone beat him to the punch. At least as far trying to fund the idea.

Welcome to Z World Detroit. It will be 200 acres of abandoned buildings in Detroit. This land will be turned into a zombie amusement part where you and some friends try to survive an overnight adventure where you hide and scavenge. Sounds like an excellent time, but I wonder how they will actually get this off the ground. They are currently trying to crowd source the funding, but the logistics must be a nightmare. I can not imagine how much the insurance for this place is going to be or who would really want to work a daily job of being a zombie. Either way, if they actually get this off the ground then I may find a reason that I need to visit Detroit.

CYaN Podcast Double Feature

In this episode, Danny and Ricky discuss the upcoming Summer releases of movies. We’re excited about these movies and hope you go out to watch them like we will.

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In our next episode Danny is back from the Philippines, thankfully. Now we cover some of the major trailers and announcements from E3, as well as a few other bits of news.

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Gaming Without Electronics

Gaming comes in two forms nowadays, electronic and traditional board. Today, I will be taking about three board games that the Call Yourself A Nerd staff plays on a semi-regular basis when we get together. These board games are not what would be considered traditional board games, basically not your mother’s Monopoly.

Zombies!! is a game where you create the map as you go along, while killing/escaping from zombies. You are a survivor that must either kill twenty-five zombies or escape to the center of a helipad while clearing it for a rescue.

The great thing about this game is the board pieces and the cards. Cards can be drawn to either help or hinder players, such as placing zombies in certain areas. Then there is the board pieces that help create the city that you are trapped in. The board pieces are drawn randomly, but you can definitely use it to maneuver players into dead-ends.

Zombies!! is a fun and easy game to pick up. No knowledge of other games required, just your wits.

Risk Legacy
If we are to talk about non-traditional board games, then we should talk about a non-traditional Risk game. Risk Legacy is a very different form of the Riskgames rules. First off, during play of the game the board may change forever; which will affect future games. That aspect is what makes this game a must for anyone with a gaming group.

Legacy follows most of the current rules for the updated rulebook. You can either win by completely annihilating all other players or you can win by collecting four red stars which can be obtained in different goals, the easiest would be conquering another player’s HQ. There are five factions to play, each with their bonuses and weaknesses (all of which are chosen by the group before the first game begins). From there that is where it becomes interesting as you can create and destroy landmarks, and each time you do so it affects future games so it may just end up biting you in your own ass.

I would recommend anyone wanting to play should have a basic knowledge of Risk, but that should be easy enough. Also I would recommend that you have something more friendly to do afterwards for the truces you may have broken.

When I was talking about doing something a little more friendly after a game of Risk Legacy, I meant a completely cooperative game like Pandemic. The goal of Pandemic is to work together to cure four different viruses. You work on a world map, much like Risk, collecting cards that are different colors. When you have a five of the same color you can cure the virus. Sounds simple enough.

Where the challenge lies is at the end of each turn you have to infect cities around the world. Infect a city enough times and that city in turn infects surrounding cities. Players have to travel to cities and cure the viruses one infection at a time until a cure is found.

Pandemic is a simple and easy game to learn. The hard part is to keep track of your players and the viruses as they spread. Currently, our group is sitting on about a thirty percent survival rate for the game. It is a game that we have a hard time winning, but at least we are losing together.

Those are three games that the CYaN staff plays together. We have a few more that we trot out every so often, but I will leave that for another post. I enjoy these non-traditional board games and will always keep a look out for more.

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