Zombies only want you for your brains…

 Hello Zombie Fans,

I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus – by S.G. Browne

What we have here is a wonderful holiday themed example of what a zombie novel can be. This book is funny, insightful, and down-right entertaining. It is the sequel to S.G. Browne’s amazing zombie love story: Breathers.

If you haven’t read Breathers you may want to pick it up. It has everything you would ever need for a proper love story. It has heart, brains, and a few more squishy bits. (Get it? Zombie humor…) Breathers takes place in a world where some of the dead just come back. It answers all the practical questions: Can Zombies speak? What about decomposition? Where can you buy embalming fluid in bulk? What are my rights as an Undead American? You get all of this plus an awesome story of raging against the machine and finding love in a unlikely circumstance.

S.G. Browne has a way of writing where something as ridiculous as an undead support group is actually kind of plausible. You find yourself saying “aww” at certain moments and laughing the next. This author is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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