Addictive Apps: Ingress

Ingress is a new game being developed by Google group Niantic Labs for Android phones. Currently, it is in closed beta but I was lucky enough to snag an invite last week. I have fiddled with it ever since.

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Ingress can simply be described as a faction vs faction RPG with hints of Foursquare. Exotic Matter is leaking into our world and you are recruited to either the Enlightened or the Resistance. It is your choice for which fraction, but once you choose it you with that faction there for a while. So choose wisely.

Unique landmarks are portals for the factions to fight over and take over (here is where it becomes a little like Foursquare). You hack into these portals to try to gain different resources. With these resources; you can defend/attack other portals, gain intel about the story being told, and gain keys to link portals and strengthen your factions hold on a region.

Portals scatter the more you move away from populated areas, but once you hit big cities the portals begin to overlap each other. Portals are different landmarks and sometimes it takes a little creative thinking to figure out where the portal is.

I want to say that this game feels like an altered reality game, which it may turn into once Google Glasses releases. Besides that, it is a not a time-killing app but more of an interactive app. The game is still in beta with a few bugs and maybe a few surprises in the future. But currently, I am enjoying pulling out my phone ever so often to gather XM, look for portals, and just check out in the in-game chat. The future for this game already feels bright.

Head over to the Ingress website to enter your email and a chance to receive an invitation to the game.

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