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Learn to Code

In the current age and generation, you can not go a day without interacting with some form of computer. Whether it’s hoping online to check out Call Yourself a Nerd or it’s using your phone to get directions, technology has become ingrained into almost every facet of life.

I am always astonished when I’m told that someone does not know how to use some of the basic features of technology. I believe that computers are a necessity to become a more productive member of our current society, much like when cars started to be mass-produced at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, knowing how to drive means that you are independent and productive. I believe that learning about computers are the next step in that ideology and I am not alone. was founded to help bring coding to the classroom since only about 10% of schools teach the subject. They just released a video with some of the most famous coders in the world recommending the trade.

Head past the jump to watch the video.

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Addictive Apps: Ingress

Ingress is a new game being developed by Google group Niantic Labs for Android phones. Currently, it is in closed beta but I was lucky enough to snag an invite last week. I have fiddled with it ever since.

Hit the jump to see what I think about this new app.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 23: I Promise It’ll Get Bigger

Good afternoon, internet. Here comes another ruckus filled episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd podcast with Danny and Ricky. In this week’s episode; we talk about more Halo/Blops trailers, the MySpace relaunch, Elementary, and the trailer for Matthew Lillard’s directorial debut in a feature Fat Kid Rules the World. I hope you enjoy it, it was fun recording.

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California Passes Driverless Cars Bill

Remember those scenes in Minority Report and I, Robot that allowed the main characters to get around in automatic cars? Well, we are moving closer to that future. While if you are familiar with Highway 101 in the Bay Area, you may have already noticed Google’s vehicles rolling around with a driver behind the wheel only as a safety feature. Now we will be able to see them more often and more around California. Nevada already has a similar law in place, with other states following suit. Either way, this is a step in automated vehicles that may prevent human error (aka that asshole that cut you off without using a turn signal).

This law allows anyone to work on a driver-less vehicle, but this is obviously a Google victory as California Governor Jerry Brown went to Google’s Mountain View offices to sign the bill with Google co-founder Sergey Brin overseeing the event with his Google Glass.

He may look dorky, but I admire a man who is that dedicated to his field and proud of the work that comes our. I will be looking forward to what develops from this.

Hit the jump to watch the entire video of the signing provided by Google’s YouTube channel.

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Kuratas Brings Mechs Into Reality

Do you have $1.3 million just lying around? Have you ever wanted to pilot your own mech? Well,  Suidobashi Heavy Industry is bringing you the Kuratas.

The Japanese based company revealed this week at the Wonder Festival in Japan a 13-foot, 12,000-pound war machine that is controlled by a pilot inside its cockpit. While not able to walk, it rolls around on wheels at 7 miles per hour. And if you want to feel like more of a badass, then you can upgrade your mech with hand guns that shoot BBs and a “LOHAS” launcher which shoots water bottles for a couple more hundred thousand.

Holy fucking hell, what are they doing in Japan? There have been a lot of inventions the past couple of years that make me fear for a Terminator apocalypse, now I have to worry about a Zaku rolling through my house.

To top off this story, all of this happens at the Wonder Festival. What usually happens at this convention? People show off their garage kits for toys and sculptures. Some of the new Japanese toys are revealed for the first time here, not usually the pilotable mech.

After the jump will be another video showcasing the assebmly of the Kuratas.

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Google Glass Skydive

If you have seen Iron Man 2 then you may remember that Stark leaps out of a plane in his armor to fly through fireworks just to give a speech at his Stark Expo. The showmanship and amazement just for giving a speech could only be seen on the silver screen and thanks to acting chops of RDJ. Well, at least until now…

This past week Google held their I/O conference in San Francisco. They unveiled new hardware in the a line of Nexus products, they moved from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean, and then Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) jumped out of a fucking plane to land on top of the Moscone Center in the middle of downtown San Francisco and live-streamed it from his Google Glasses. It is stunts like these that make me truly appreciate the ideas and balls that these people have. Anyway, watch the video below to see what happened.

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