Kuratas Brings Mechs Into Reality

Do you have $1.3 million just lying around? Have you ever wanted to pilot your own mech? Well,  Suidobashi Heavy Industry is bringing you the Kuratas.

The Japanese based company revealed this week at the Wonder Festival in Japan a 13-foot, 12,000-pound war machine that is controlled by a pilot inside its cockpit. While not able to walk, it rolls around on wheels at 7 miles per hour. And if you want to feel like more of a badass, then you can upgrade your mech with hand guns that shoot BBs and a “LOHAS” launcher which shoots water bottles for a couple more hundred thousand.

Holy fucking hell, what are they doing in Japan? There have been a lot of inventions the past couple of years that make me fear for a Terminator apocalypse, now I have to worry about a Zaku rolling through my house.

To top off this story, all of this happens at the Wonder Festival. What usually happens at this convention? People show off their garage kits for toys and sculptures. Some of the new Japanese toys are revealed for the first time here, not usually the pilotable mech.

After the jump will be another video showcasing the assebmly of the Kuratas.

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