Joss Whedon: Editor of Marvel Studios Universe?

Joss Whedon has been confirmed to have signed a three-year deal with Marvel Studios, which includes writing/directing Avengers 2 as well as develop an unnamed TV show that will air on ABC.

What does all this mean? Read on to find out plus some speculation…

First off, let me say good going for Marvel Studios on this signing. Marvel as an whole has tried to combine all their universes into one. Bringing the movies, TV shows, and comics into one unified front.

Whedon will become essentially an editor for all the Marvel Studios films and TV shows. Not only will he be writing and directing the next culmination of the next two years of films, he will also oversee the other films. I’m not saying he will write and direct those films; they already have their teams. But like an editor in comics, Whedon will be able to look at ideas and characterizations that each movie brings and maybe suggest revisions. These films will have a unified feel. Ant-Man or any of the Guardians of the Galaxy that decide to pop up in Avengers 2 will be the same as in their solo films.

All of this goes along with Whedon being a pseudo-editor. Much like how Marvel Comics hold their conferences to try to bring their continuity in line, especially with Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers story from Disassembled to Secret Invasion and beyond; Whedon will be able to connect each movie in a way that the Phase One movies were lacking.

And hell, if this how we get Joss Whedon and Edgar Wright to work together. Then so be it.

What about that TV show?

Well, previously announced Marvel Studios wanted to do a show based on the Marvels mini-series; although instead of following a photographer, they will focus on members of SHIELD. Will that show be Whedon’s baby? Who knows.

But if he does not, I would not mind seeing his take on a Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk show (female protagonist for his Buffy fans) or even a Runaways or Young Avengers (team book for his Firefly fans). I would love an Iron Fist show, some martial arts mixed in with the patented Whedon humor. Again, this is all wishful thinking and something we will have to wait and see.

One more bit of Marvel Studios news: do not hold your breath for a Hawkeye solo movie. Jeremy Renner announced that he is taking a break from movies. That does not mean he will never do another movie, it will just be a while. Honestly, I did not see a Hawkeye movie happening anyway.

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