Revolution Season 1 Recap Episode 3: “No Quarter”

Three episodes in and we get to see a little bit more of this history of the world that we are now viewing. Now I have realized that I have been a little wordy with my recaps, so I will try to be a little more precise and cut the fluff. Either way, if you like it wordy or straight-to-the-point be warned that after the jump there are going to be SPOILERS for the third episode of Revolution titled “No Quarter.”

We start with Miles, Nora and Charlie headed to the rebel base. Hehe, I always enjoy saying “rebel base.” Miles argues with Nora about the sniper rifle, saying that it will be a waste. But soon enough we find out that the rebels are holed up in a Hannegan’s restaurant, not the most ideal military location. It is funny that I subconsciously used the phrase “holed up” because the rebels were just ambushed and many are filled with holes. Bad pun, I know. Miles introduces himself and charlies under alias to hide who they are.

A captured rebel is being interrogated by a Monroe commander played by Mark Pellegrino. I love this actor, he has such an interesting look and cadence to his voice. The commander, Jeremy, plays a game of Russian roulette to try to get the answer out of the prisoner. Once Jeremy gets his answer, he shoots the rebel. Honestly, I saw that from a mile away. Unless they were torturing me, I think I could hold onto that information especially since I’m dead already.

Back at the rebel base, Charlie is arguing to stay and help the wounded while Miles wants to get the hell out of dodge since he figures the militia is on their way. Charlie wins out, but not long into patching the soldiers up and begin firing into the restaurant (firing line style, as in the Revolutionary War). Miles tasks a rebel to use the sniper rifle to hold off the militia, while he plans to “Shawshank” their way out by digging a tunnel. I’m sure that will work.

The sniper holds his own for a while but he runs out of ammo. The militia storms the restaurant, at almost that same moment the tunnel meant for escape collapse. The two forces fight inside for a while, until Miles takes the commander hostage. They all lock themselves in a food locker. We find out that Jeremy knows Miles personally.

How does Jeremy know Miles?

Miles was the General of the Monroe Militia, co-founder of the republic.

Miles tries negotiating with Jeremy to allow the rebels to leave. Ultimately, Miles must turn himself in to accomplish that. Miles is led away by Jeremy and the militia squad.

As they cross a bridge, a booby-trap has been sprung. Nora’s explosives unsettle the troops allowing Charlie to rescue Miles. Another Nora explosive causes the bridge to collapse, allowing the trio to escape.

There are also three supporting story lines throughout the episode.

The flashback story includes Miles and Bass (who will become General Monroe) at Parris Island waiting for orders along with all the other marines. No one is doing anything so Miles decides to head to Chicago to find Ben, Bass comes along to help despite the complaints from Miles. On the way, they find several dead bodies with obvious signs of being looted. The last flashback shows the duo stumbling upon two bandits beating a man to death. Miles pulls a gun on them and then laments that there are no police or that they cannot imprison these men, so he shoots both the bandits. The man they saved turns out to be Jeremy.

Aaron and Maggie make it to Grace’s house but find it broken into. Grace’s computer has been burnt to a crisp, but Aaron notices the components and gains a bit of happiness. That is soon dashed as he is unable to do anything with the pieces in front of him. Aaron breaks down and despises what has become of him. He used to be rich and successful, but now bullies rule the world and he feels just like he did in the fifth grade. During this break, the pendant turns on by itself. This allows Aaron to listen to a CD player that Grace had lying around and allowed Maggie to turn on her iPhone and see the photos of her children. And just like that the pendant turns off and they are again without power and left with more questions.

Danny’s storyline is rather simple. A friend of the soldier Danny killed in the first episode decides that it is time to beat Danny at any given chance. At first Danny is saved by Neville when the soldier toys with Danny’s water. But Neville leaves to go to town and the soldier takes his time beat Danny with a sack filled with something but I do not know what. The next time the soldier comes to Danny, Danny fakes an asthma attack only to wrap his chains around the soldiers neck. He threatens to kill the soldier if he is not left alone. Danny then releases the soldier. Neville witness this happen, but does not react.

Well, this is three episodes in. I am still where I am after the first episode: interested in the concept but unhappy with the lack of execution. I am still waiting for something to amaze me. Next week’s episode does not seem to look to be any better as they are suggesting that someone will die. There has not been a long enough time for me to care about these characters’ deaths.

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