Walking Dead Season 3 Recap Episode 1: “Seed”

Ahh, it feels so right when Walking Dead is on the air. Last night AMC aired the season three premiere, and I feel like they still have an exciting show on their hands as we find out how the group is surviving the zombie apocalypse. Although I will ultimately leave that for you to decide after you read the recap. Please be warned that there will be SPOILERS  for the first episode of season three from the Walking Dead titled “Seed”after the jump.

The episode immediately drops us into the action as the group storms a house, taking out all the zombies inside. They are moving cold and efficiently, using silencers to muffle the sound as they make their way through the house. We even see Carl kill a zombie without hesitation, much different from how we saw him last handle a zombie last season. Everyone makes their way into the house once cleared, beginning to settle down for a moment. Daryl had killed an owl that sat on a window perch, Carl has found some canned pet food but Rick does not want him to eat it and throws it away, and we see that Laurie is almost ready to burst with the baby. A lot of time has passed since we last saw these survivors. Before these tired people can relax for a moment, walkers are beginning to move towards the house and everyone has to pack up and leave.

This all happens before the intro even takes place. Furthermore, not a single line of dialogue is spoken. An amazing way to depict the tension of this apocalypse.

After driving for a bit, we learn that the group has been on the run since the farm for quite a while as a whole winter has passed. They have not had a “home” since the farm. The opening scene must have given us a glimpse of their daily habit. As the group takes a moment on the road to reassess their destination and gather some water from a stream.

Without much hesitation or delay, the group finds the prison that was teased last season’s finale as Daryl shows Rick the zombie-infested prison surrounded by barbwire lined fences. Rick quickly moves the group into action and they cut through the fence to a section that is free from zombies with high fences on both sides. They are well oiled as they move into the field inside the prison. The only hiccup is Carol’s lack of aim with her assault rifle. But with quick work they clear out all the zombies and secure the area from other possible zombies, completely different feel from this group than before.

While they are siting around a campfire, the group comments on how awesome the field is. The ground is fertile, they could dig a trench to a local stream for water, the fences are secure. The group feels like they have found something that they can call home now, but Rick wants more. Rick wants the security of the prison walls. We are also treated to lovely singing from Beth that is later accompanied by Maggie, building on the calm that these people have found. We also get to see a little bit more flirtation between Daryl and Carol, an odd yet fitting coupling.

The next day, Rick gathers his group to head into the courtyard of the prison and clear it only using hand-to-hand combat while trying to make it to the warden’s office to obtain information. Laurie argues with Rick again about his choice to go into danger. She says that he should refocus and that it’s “time to get the house in order.” That sentence feels like to say it all, as Rick clearly wants to claim this prison as a home and he needs to get it order.

Before we get to see the action and with half the episode already through, we finally get a glimpse of Michonne. We do not see much, except that she expertly clears out a small store and grabs a few packets of aspirin.

The group moves past the gate and begins to clear out the courtyard with only melee weapons. They are doing very well for themselves, T-Dogg even picks up a riot shield to help him through this. The the trouble really begins as prison guards wearing full riot gear arrive. Obviously they are unable to get through the helmet, despite all the times they try to bash through or Daryl firing bolts. Finally they wise up and go underneath the helmets to get their brain shots. Through this clearing we get our “zombie kill of the week” as Rick pulls off a gas mask from a guard and the face peels off along with it.

There is concern about civilian zombies among the horde that the group has cleared out. Without checking back with the other survivors that they left in the fenced off field. The assault group makes their way indoor into what seems to be a visitation room. Luckily, they did not have to do much and even more so they were able to find keys for the prison. With the courtyard cleared and keys to a cleared out cell block, they move the rest of the group into this secure location. Everyone is able to have a bed inside of a cell, although Daryl is opposed to staying in a cell and instead chooses the catwalk. As we see the group settle in, we also get to see how Carl begins to grow up. Carl begins a flirtation with Beth, very much to Hershel’s disapproval. The group again finds even more peace.

We are then given another sneak peek at Michonne and Andrea. They are holed up in a freezer of a hunter’s lodge called “Deer Cooler.” We find out that Andrea has been very sick and that was the reason Michonne had went out to get aspirin. The area is beginning to be overrun by walkers, so Andrea forgoes rest and forces the pair to move out and find a safer location.

After that quick peek, Laurie has a talk with the group “doctor.” Laurie expresses the worry to Hershel about the fact that she has not felt the baby for a while, worried that the baby may become a zombie and fest on her insides, or that she may turn into a zombie herself and devour the baby. She forces the promise that they put her down if her baby were ever at risk because of the infection.

Rick, still anxious to get through the rest of the prison, readies another group to venture further in. This time the prison has fewer windows and the halls are darkened. They quickly run into a mob that they do not want to attempt to take on, they decide to retreat. As they retreat, they run into a different mob and begin to panic a little. Everyone runs, Glenn and Maggie become separated from the group. After a quick reprieve, Rick and the other men begin to search for the lost pair. I should also not that walkers are not the only form of zombie, as a lurker pops up. For those that do not know, a lurker is a zombie that does not have the energy to move as much as others and strikes when the time becomes right. The lurker latches on to Hershel’s calf. The group pick him up after killing the lurker. They retreat into a commissary. Rick takes it upon himself to try to save Hershel and prevent the bite from killing him by amputating the leg of Hershel. It is not a pretty sight. We are then left with this episode’s cliff hanger as we find out that there are prisoners that have survived in the mess hall.

That does it for the season three premiere. I thought it was definitely exciting and tension filled. How about you?

Until next week, I will leave you with a scene from next week’s episode.

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