Friday Finale Playlist – Twilight Saga Edition

Okay before you start hurling digital rotten produce at my head, hear me out! The Twilight Saga is coming to a long awaited end and this music nerd has mixed feelings about it. I am a fan of the books, but the movies fall short for me. The best thing about the movies were the soundtracks anyway. These soundtracks are like a love letter to indie music. You know, its that stuff that hipsters liked before it became mainstream? Indie music gets a bad rap, but i think it is one of the most original genres right now. Perhaps its prevalence is partially due to the effect that Twilight Saga has had on pop culture. So this Friday playlist is an hour of music from the five Twilight Saga soundtracks. Enjoy!


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Thanks for reading my article! I write mainly about music and books, but once in a while I will step out of my comfort zone if the right topic arises. Music-wise I listen to everything although my favorites are from the previous century. Check out the About Us page for some links to see what else I am up to online.

2 responses to “Friday Finale Playlist – Twilight Saga Edition”

  1. Reyn says :

    Yup those soundstrack are good. Am one of those millions fans too..

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