Cheap Date: Mar 6th

Trying to get over the hump with some geeky entertainment? Well I have the cure for with this week’s edition of Cheap Date. This is where I recommend nerdy things to fill your week and I limit to no more than $30.

Go past the jump to read this week’s recommendations.

Movie – $11

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Sam Raimi is a fantastic director and I am hoping that his rendition of the Wizard when he first arrives in Oz is as beautiful as the trailers make it look. I truly enjoy the trailer’s transition from the old black and white format and extending the screen to 16:9 with color, showing us how far we’ve come along.

Comics – $4

Age of Ultron #1

We have seen the Age of Apocalypse take over, now it is time for an Avenger villain to take over the Marvel Universe. Ever since his departure from other Avenger titles, I feared that this story would not be told but am glad that my fears were uncalled for. But what do the Marvel heroes have to fear?

Games – ~$7

The Humble Bundle with Android 5

In case you did not like get stuck in the clusterf*** that is the always on DRM of EA’s SimCity, then you have something quite the opposite with the DRM-free set of games. The Humble Bundle this time features four games (two more if you pay more than the average) that can be played on almost any platform including Android. Pay what you want, but I recommend more than the average to pick up the addicting Super Hexagon.

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