I am in page-turning love with this author…

Over the past months I have shared the authors who make my heart go boom and have the unique ability to transport me. Patrick Rothfuss and Carlos Ruiz Zafon are two of the authors who came out of nowhere, for me, and they are about to have a lady friend to keep them company on my shelves; Tiffany DeBartolo.

I was doing my usual Goodreads search when I came across a comment from an online buddy, she was raving about a book that was so good she had basically highlighted each line. This book is called, How to Kill a Rockstar.

I have finished this book and if I could choose only one quote to prove its worth I guess it would have to be this one:

“Fate is the magnetic pull of our souls toward the people, places, and things we belong with.” 

More after the jump (no spoilers).

First off, I was in insta-love with the title, I mean, Rockstars are infinite… so the title is intriguing in itself. Once I started reading I felt like I found my soul-mate all over again.

Eliza is an easily relate-able character, especially for those of us who appreciate music, but are not creators. She is a music journalist, and after a serendipitous interview with her hero, lands a job in New York at an influential magazine. She ends up renting a room with her brother’s band mate Paul, an incredibly talented singer songwriter. Paul is sexy and equates music with life; making him perfect for Eliza who worships at the alter of songs. The story follows Paul’s band, Bananafish, through dead end gigs and making it in the music industry. Eliza and Paul have great dialogue and will have you smirking the whole time.

This book takes a look at the music industry and the way it can impact the image and creative process of new bands. It is a nice peek behind the curtain. Pair that with a love story and you hit close to perfection.


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