The Walking Dead Review: S3E14 “Prey”

Only two more episodes are left for this season of The Walking Dead after this week’s episode. The episode titled “Prey” featured heavily on Andrea in the prelude to the major battle that will probably occur in the season finale. How well did this episode come across?

Hit the jump to find out what I thought about the episode. Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

If you heard this week’s CYaN Podcast, then you may already know what I thought about this episode as it follows the same formula as the rest of this half of the season. Which means that this is another filler episode. I watch anime, so I’m used to filler episodes but not in American television. Oh, well. Let’s get to it.

As I’ve mentioned before this episode is very Andrea heavy and it starts out with a flashback to the time she spent with Michonne in the woods for the start of season three. Michonne gives an idea of what kind of people the two neutered walkers were. But unfortunately that is about all the character development for either of these two ladies.

Actually, there are two other characters that show some growth in this episode but they are not featured. We’ll talk about them later.


First we are given a glimpse into what the Governor may have in store for Michonne with his death/torture cave. We have seen several times during the season that the Governor is a sick man, but I do not think that we have ever seen a more sickeningly look at the man.

After weeks filled with chances for Andrea to either fully escape Woodbury or kill the Governor, Andrea has one more shot at the Governor when Milton confides in her about the Governor’s plan for the survivors in the prison. Milton shows Andrea the rapey cage from a balcony area (which to me is beyond interesting that the Governor’s torture room has a balcony). The Governor comes into the room, completely unaware that Milton and Andrea are watching him. Andrea takes aim but hesitates, then Milton stops her. I really have to give it up to Milton for standing up then again I have to continue my dislike of Andrea.

Andrea finally decides to leave Woodbury. Of course, it does not go easy for her. Eventually, through some hassle that honestly feel half-hearted she leaves. Not to long after that, the Governor begins to chase her down. We spend the majority of the rest of the episode with this cat and mouse chase.


Before we get to the final moments of the episode, we find a little tension back at Woodbury with Tyreese. Tyreese has his eyes opened to the entire situation and can not settle on what the final outcome should be. Giving us glimpses at a Rick/Shane-like relationship, Tyreese and Allen get into a scuffle. Of course like other in-fighting moments, nothing really happens to fix or ultimately end the situation.

Back to Andrea. She arrives a little way outside the prison, almost home free. However the Governor has other plans as he pulls her down and subdues her. Next time we will see Andrea, she is awakening to the one place she does not want to be: the Governor’s new found man cave. Call me callous, but I truly believe she gets what she deserves. At this rate, I want to skip next week’s episode and just watch the finale but I cannot allow myself to also.



Yet another filler episode to led up to the final confrontation between Woodbury and the Prison. The episode, and ultimately the season, features the weakest character on the show. Andrea’s decisions and growth leave much to be desired.

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