Cheap Date: Mar 20th

Welcome to a brand new edition of Cheap Date, where I will recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment for the week.

Click past the jump to see what I recommended this week.

This week will be very comic book heavy, although the other recommendations gems in their own right.

Comics – $21

Action Comics #18

I can honestly say that I have not always been a fan of Grant Morrison’s work, but his current run on Action Comics ends today and has been fantastic. Warning: early indication that you may need some tissue for this issue.

Constantine #1

This is out of morbid curiously more than anything especially since this may be just a PG-13 version of Hellblazer. Hopefully, this series will actually be a fun read.

Justice League of America #2

The building of the American sanctioned Justice League team continues in this second issue. Geoff Johns plays up a lot of the intrigue with a little humor mixed in.

Wonder Woman #18

Ares has been one of the most interesting characters to cross Wonder Woman’s path, but what is his angle? See this issue to grab a glimpse into her future.

Saga #11

One of the best written and drawn books on the market today. In this issue, we will get to see generations of the family band together to escape a dying world. Not to mention this book always has good one liners.

Invincible #101

After an almost two-month break, Robert Kirkman brings us the aftermath of the “Everyone Must Die” arc. This is a great point to jump onto the book as the status quo has been changed.

Game – $3

The Humble Weekly Sale

The wonderful people who usually bring you the Humble Bundle have now brought you The Humble Weekly Sale. Like the Humble Bundle, the Humble Weekly will be a pay-what-you-want model but for only one game. This week features Bastion, one of the best games of 2012. You should also pay more that the average while will unlock an awesome soundtrack.

If you’ve missed this game, now’s your chance to enjoy it.

Misc – Free


Neil Gaiman’s fantastic Neverwhere is being dramatized on BBC Radio with some great actors; such as Christopher Lee, James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and quiet a few more. The episodes started daily on Monday for streaming, but you can download them come this Friday. It is a great story with a lot of attention and fun paid to it.


That will be it for me this week even if we are a little under budget, but who’s complaining? Hopefully you enjoyed everything and I will see you next week for another new Cheap Date.

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4 responses to “Cheap Date: Mar 20th”

  1. masodo says :

    Thanks for the heads-up on Neverwhere!

  2. Wheady says :

    Is it true the 20th march was cheap day. Because i really don’t know about that date. What kind of discount offer in this day. I really miss the its my bad luck.

    • Danny says :

      Unfortunately, there is no cheap day per say. Cheap Date is just a weekly article where I recommend what you should spend your money on in an inexpensive way.

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