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Throwback Thursday Trades: Invincible Volume 1 – Family Matters

With the Humble Image Bundle in its final week, I thought I would reread a series that I have always found to be a lot of fun. After rereading the first trade for Invincible, I decided to do a little review and maybe the start of a weekly article.

Fly past the jump to see what I thought of Invincible Volume 1 – Family Matters.

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Cheap Date: Mar 20th

Welcome to a brand new edition of Cheap Date, where I will recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment for the week.

Click past the jump to see what I recommended this week.

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Cheap Date: Dec 5th

The days of Christmas are creeping closer and closer. You have spent a lot of money on presents for others, but what about yourself? How about you treat yourself to a nerdy Cheap Date with lots of fun entertainment. Like always, we will keep you to a budget of no more than $30.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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