Free Comic Book Day – Loot!

Free Comic Book Day  / California Bookstore Day has come and gone and I must say we made out like bandits. The bookish awesome kind of bandits anyway. This year the CYaN staff took it to the next level and hit up independent bookstores and the local library sale to celebrate. As you can see from the picture the selection is pretty varied. (click on the links to see what was available and more info on what we got).

Click the jump to see what my favorite pieces this year were:

Walking Your Octopus – Brian Kesinger

Bath Time

Walking Your Octopus is a Victorian-era guide to owning a Cephalopod. Partially educational and wholly entertaining from the content to the beautiful illustrations. The emerald haired Victoria Psismall instructs readers about how to care for their octopuses and we follow the instructions though beautifully drawn illustrations by author Brian Kesinger. His style might look familiar as he has been employed by Walt Disney since the age of 18 (over 16 years). He has contributed art to many Disney films including Wreck-It Ralph.


20140505_103700Punk Rock Writers Journal
Wendy MacNaughton
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Retail Price: $9.95
Description: This journal features clever watercolor portraits of famous writers by beloved San Francisco-based artist Wendy MacNaughton. With full-color illustrations of punk rock authors throughout.



SleeperNeil Gaiman recently contributed a short story retelling Sleeping Beauty in the Rags and Bones anthology. For Bookstore Day he released it as a stand alone story book. I really enjoyed the story, but I kind of wish there were illustrations to take it to the next level. Still a nice addition to any collection.




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