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Cheap Date: Oct 10th

Another week and another new edition of Cheap Date has arrived! In case you are unfamiliar with this weekly article, I will recommend an allotment of nerdy entertainment that I think you should definitely check out this week and altogether it costs no more than thirty bucks. Because we all know how expensive being a nerd can be.

Head on past the jump to read my recommendations.

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Ghosts: Recent Hauntings

Attention Book Nerds:

Today, I received an e-mail alert for one of my favorite authors; Neil Gaiman! The alert is for an anthology of ghost stories that he has contributed to called, Ghosts: Recent Hauntings.

“The spirits of the dead have walked among our legends, myths, and stories since before recorded history. Ghostly visitations, hauntings, unquiet souls seeking the living, vengeful wraiths, the possibility of life beyond the grave that can somehow reach out and touch us are some of literature’s most enduring icons. Now, in the twenty-first century, we are no less fascinated with phantoms than our cave-dwelling ancestors or our Victorian-age forebears. Thirty modern masters of fright and fantasy fill this anthology with shivers, chills, and spooky explorations of both sides of the veil. Be prepared to keep a light on all night!”

Don’t get too excited, this collection has 29 reprinted short stories (whomp whomp) and one grim original by Stephen Graham Jones titled “Uncle”.

That shouldn’t discourage you though. I have perused the list of authors and this anthology is pretty promising. Tim Powers for example wrote “On Stranger Tides” which was used as inspiration for the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Also the author of Bubba Ho-Tep Joe R. Lansdale has a story included. Lots more (including Gaiman goodness) after the jump. Read More…

CYaN Podcast Episode 13: Holy Tangents, Batman

Woohoo, another CYaN podcast for you to listen to. Ricky and Danny talk about a few different things, but to be honest we will really just be talking about the Dark Knight Rises and what we thought about it.

Download the Podcast!

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Neil Gaiman To Write More Original Sandman

25 years ago, the first issue of Sandman was released on to shelves. Written by Neil Gaiman, it became one of the most beloved series of all time. It is one of the defining comics in my own personal life.

Since the series end, Gaiman has occasionally come back to the creative well that he used to redefine comics. Only one of these stories actually focused on the main protagonist of Sandman.

Gaiman is now teaming will an artist who has been described as someone who has redefined how comic are drawn. J.H. Williams III has been literally turning the comic work on its side with his art work. He continues to have one of the most complex and interesting styles in the market.

Together Gaiman and Williams will tell a new Sandman story.

I can not be more excited.

Neil Gaiman says “Make Good Art”

Hey, Adam Savage isn’t the only one able to make incredibly inspirational speeches. Neil Gaiman is an amazing author whose creativity has astounded me since I first read Sandman. I went on to read his other amazing including American Gods, Marvel 1602, Stardust, Good Omens, and Coraline. He inspired me to stick to my dreams of writing and illustration. Neil Gaiman was at the University of the Arts 2012 graduation ceremony and this is what he said.

Now he’s making me question my return to school (don’t worry I’m staying in school this time), but just like my brother, words like these inspired me to create Call Yourself a Nerd. Whatever you want to do, just do it. Make something. Make good art. Be inspired. And don’t give up.

CYaN Podcast Episode 1: Going Nuclear

Welcome to the very first episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd podcast. In this episode Danny and Ricky will talk about new movie trailers, Marvel Comics’ movies, Sony All Star Battle Royale, Halo 4, Spider-Men, and many more things. I hope you all enjoy it.

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